Who We Are

We are a church that is committed to REACHING UP TO GOD through Worship:

WORSHIP (Weekend Services)

We believe St. John is to be a place where we inspire people to draw closer into a wholesome and loving relationship with the Lord by becoming true worshippers. Therefore, we strive to contribute to the spiritual interaction between Christ and congregation through praise and inspiration that is meaningful, innovative and diverse.

We are a church that is committed to REACHING IN TO THE CHURCH through Discipleship, Fellowship and Hospitality:


We believe St. John is to be a place that is a teaching institution that equips and empowers the body of Christ to do the work of the ministry. Therefore, we strive to coordinate ministry opportunities which serve the Christian educational needs of the members and to promote orderly progression from one state to another in the Christian’s spiritual growth.


We believe St. John is to be a place that encourages worship through fellowship, compassion, support and care for God’s glorification as well as share our time and talents to fulfill the needs of our church and community. Therefore, we strive to incorporate ministry opportunities that will allow us to experience koinonia (community).


We believe St. John is to be a place where our guest and regular attenders feel welcome every Sunday. We make it our business to wholeheartedly value people and hold to the belief that every person (without exception) should be treated with the highest degree of love, care, dignity, respect, and honor.

We are a church committed to REACHING OUT TO THE WORLD through Outreach, Social and Economic Empowerment:


We believe St. John is to be a place that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with all who are in a state of eternal separation from God. We have accepted the mandate from Jesus to, “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you…” (Matthew 28:19-20) Therefore, we strive to take the good news of the Gospel of the redeeming love of Christ into all the earth and to give a bold witness in both local and global communities by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of both the saved and the unsaved.


We believe St. John is to be a place where we encourage and empower persons to embrace the challenge of impacting our community by addressing and implanting resources that speak to the social and economic ails of our community. Therefore, we strive to implement ministry and program opportunities that will cultivate entities with the sole responsibility of fostering social and economic strength.


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Through the power of prayer, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the sharing and teaching of God’s word, we, the St. John Missionary Baptist Church are committed to building the Kingdom of God by empowering and equipping disciples who are reaching UP to God, reaching IN to the church and reaching OUT to the world.