Worship & Creative Arts Ministries

Timothy Dukes
Worship & Creative Arts Director


The Worship and Creative Arts Department consist of ministries that seek to inspire, uplift, and engage all in the Body of Christ to worship freely and openly to the honor and glory of God. We do this through songs of praise and worship, contemporary gospel, and traditional music, dance, drama and technology.

Below is a list of the department's teams:

  • Male Chorus
  • Praise Team
  • Voices of St. John
  • Mass Choir
  • Youth Choir
  • Musicians
  • Youth Band
  • Drama Ministry
  • Adonai Liturgical Dance Ministry (Ages 5-11)
  • Selah Liturgical Dance Ministry (Ages 12-17)
  • Purposeful Praise Dancers (Adults)
  • Technology Ministry
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Through the power of prayer, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the sharing and teaching of God’s word, we, the St. John Missionary Baptist Church are committed to building the Kingdom of God by empowering and equipping disciples who are reaching UP to God, reaching IN to the church and reaching OUT to the world.