up reach ministries

Men’s Choir-This ministry seeks to inspire, uplift, and engage all in the Body of Christ specifically targeting men who are over the age of 18.
Voices of St. John-This ministry seeks to inspire, uplift, and engage all in the Body of Christ through songs of praise and worship. We sing both contemporary and traditional gospel songs.
Youth Choir-This ministry seeks to inspire, uplift, and engage all in the Body of Christ specifically targeting members of our Youth Department.
Dance Ministry - The mission of the ministry is to praise and worship the Lord through the God-given gift of dance.
Purposeful Praise Adult Dance Ministry
Men-N-Mime Ministry
Selah Dance Ministry
Prayer Ministry

Technology- The mission is to design, develop, acquire, deploy, and maintain first-class cost effective, accessible audio-visual media and information technology that supports St. John's overall good of spreading the word of God beyond our walls.
Victory in HD Prayerline


  • Beautification Ministry- The purpose of the Beautification Ministry is to use our services and talents to enhance God's house to create a beautiful place to magnify the name of the Lord.
  • Bereavement Ministry- This ministry will prepare notes of sympathy and support to members who have experienced the death of a loved one.
  • Children's Ministry- The purpose of this ministry is to equip, prepare, support, and encourage our children to live out their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Chosen Youth Ministry- The purpose of the youth ministry is to equip, support, and encourage students to live out their faith in Jesus Christ. We wish to provide an atmosphere where children can mature spiritually while building an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Couple's Ministry-This ministry wishes to enhance marriages and to assist couples in finding the tools that are needed to maintain a Christian marriage.
  • Culinary Ministry- This ministry provides meals for various events as scheduled, including funerals, luncheons, banquets, etc. In addition, this ministry maintains the proper standards whenever the kitchen is in use.
  • Deacon's Ministry
  • Deaconess Ministry- This ministry assists the Deacons of the church as well as the Pastor by ministering to the needs of the overall congregation, such as baptisms or with the sick and shut-in.
  • Education/Scholarship Ministry
  • Finance Committee- This committee is charged with verifying and processing all contributions made to the church. Volunteers of the committee are normally recommended by members of the Deacon Board and confirmed by the congregation. A background screening must be completed.
  • New Disciples' Ministry- Discipleship places emphasis on spiritual growth, learning the Word, and the disciplines and doctrines of the faith, which is paramount for all Christians. Instructors and classroom aids are needed for this ministry.
  • Nurses' Guild-Provides comfort and support to members and visitors during regular worship services, funerals, and other special events.  Members of the guild, while on duty, are expected to wear a traditional nurse’s uniform and have served in the capacity of a nurse or a member of the medical profession.
  • Nursery-The purpose of the church nursery is to provide parents of young kids an opportunity to enjoy service while the children may enjoy an environment that is common and familiar.  Volunteers in the nursery are screened according to the bylaws of the church.
  • Parent's Ministry- This advisory group is designed to assist those parents that may need assistance with specific problems that will affect their children in school.
  • Pulpit Ministry
  • Security/Parking Ministry - This team comprises dedicated volunteers with the district opportunity to make a positive impression on our members and visitors.
  • Senior Saints Ministry-This ministry of those members of the congregation who are 65 years or older.  Many of the group have faithfully served in the church from 30 to over 50 years and though they have retired from their professions, they have not retired from ministry.
  • Shepherd's Care Ministry- This ministry provides direct personal support to the Pastor and his family to affectively aid, serve, love, strengthen, intercede, and encourage. Members of this ministry are committed to fervent, unceasing prayer for the Pastor.
  • Transportation Ministry- This ministry aims to provide limited transportation for members and non –members that would like to attend services here at St. John. Drivers must have good driving records and pass the safety driving online course.
  • Trustee Ministry
  • Usher's Ministry-Ushers play a vital role in the hospitality and welcome ministry here at St. John. Together with the Greeter's Ministry and the Parking/Security Ministry, our visitors and regular members feel very special.
  • Weddings Ministry- The St. John Missionary Baptist Church provides exceptional wedding services in our church sanctuary, facility, and grounds.

out reach ministries

Clothing Ministry-This ministry seeks to care for others in a non-judgmental environment by providing clean, gently used clothing with an open heart so that others may see Christ through us.
Community Outreach Team
Deliverance Ministry - This ministry provides a safe and confidential atmosphere for those who desire freedom from their struggles and strongholds by applying Christ-centered principles.
Evangelism Ministry-Works hand in hand with other outreach ministries to answer God’s call to reach and teach the lives of people who may not know that God loves them and that he has a plan for them.
Greeters-Members of our team provide a warm and friendly welcome to guests and members every Sunday morning.
Men's Ministry-This ministry wishes to assemble the men of the church to spend time together, developing their knowledge of God.
Missionaries-Is committed to taking the good news of the Gospel of the redeeming love of Christ by visiting the sick and shut-in members on a weekly basis.
PEACE / Stand UP Ministry-Is designed to stand up against any social injustice that has occurred within our local community.
Prison Ministry-Trains and inspires our church to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration.
REACH Groups
Reach Media TV Ministry
St. John Community Promise, Inc
Women's Ministry-This ministry wishes to assemble the women of the church to spend time together, developing their knowledge of God.