Our IN Reach Ministries are designed to equip, engage, embrace and empower believers.  We Equip  believers by promoting an orderly progression of spiritual growth through coordinated ministry opportunities which serve the Christian educational needs of the members.  We Engage believers by providing spiritual and emotional support to members.  We Embrace believers by providing
opportunities for everyone to experience connectedness and community through fellowship.  And we Empower believers by intentionally developing leaders and disciples to do the work of the ministry.


Nurses' Guild
Parent's Ministry
Pulpit Ministry
Security/Parking Ministry
Senior Saints Ministry
Shepherd's Care Ministry
Transportation Ministry
Trustee Ministry
Usher's Ministry
Weddings Ministry

Beautification Ministry
Bereavement Ministry
Children's Ministry
Chosen Youth Ministry
Couple's Ministry
Culinary Ministry.
Deacon's Ministry
Deaconess Ministry
Education/Scholarship Ministry
Finance Committee
New Disciples' Ministry