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Building A Sustainable Social Justice Ministry

Without question, it takes more than passion to save the world. It takes people joined together for a common purpose.  Learn how to build sustainable, theologically grounded, and a strategically based Social Justice Ministry that will engage your whole congregation. Explore a method for developing or focusing your concerns on various social issues and grassroot ways to address them.

Confronting Modern Day Pharaohs

Biblically, doing justice meant holding the King and Pharaoh accountable for the fair treatment of all people, especially the poor, widows and orphans. This same behavior is requested of us today, as it is without question, that these same Kings and Pharaoh are alive and well.  It is without question that many of the influential systems within our communities are led by modern day Pharaohs and Kings who now hold the title of Commissioners, Mayors, Governors, Police Chiefs and/or School Superintendents.  We must hold them accountable in their management of the systems that impact our lives daily.  In this course, you will learn the various techniques and strategies as to how to biblically confront these pharaohs.  What is needed in order to be effective?  How you should address them?  And how to conduct necessary research?  It is an opportunity to learn how to address the unjust systems impacting everyday lives which are led by these pharaohs.

In Pursuit of Biblical Justice

What comes to mind when you think of social justice? Is it human trafficking, racial prejudice, healthcare, or even immigration reform?  Social justice is a trendy and vital topic, but it’s often a hotly debated one as well. Justice is a word that many people use, but very few define. Consequently, people will use one word with completely different meanings, and yet think they are speaking the same language.  Before we can think rightly about “social justice,” we must first understand biblical justice. How does the Bible define justice?  This course is designed to help bring clarity to the biblical notion of justice, as well as its social manifestation, by journeying through scriptures that speak to the need for justice.

Justice Today

Hear from our local civil rights leaders and organizations as they address the need for engaging in social justice today.  Learn what it is that they are doing on a daily basis to combat the injustices within our communities and find out how you can be a part of it.


Power To The People

Do you want to be successful in seeing social justice prevail?  Well, we have come to understand that in order to do justice well, it requires people power.  This class will explore the biblical example of Nehemiah and how he was instrumental in building and exercising power through people.  We will take a careful examination of what he did and reflect on the outcome of his work

Rallying the Troops: Engaging Youth & Young Adults

Want to learn how to get your youth and young adults’ ministries involved in social justice issues?  Do you want to know what it takes to motivate them in addressing the social ails of your community?  If so, take advantage of this how-to-course, as different techniques and strategies are shared and discovered.

Reading From The Margins

The concept of reading scripture from the margins refers to the act of reading it from the perspective of the outcast, the powerless, the oppressed, and the poor – from the perspective of those who suffer and are marginalized.  It entails paying attention to their social and material conditions and asking questions about the systemic and institutional causes of oppression.  It posits that the power of the Spirit was active through Jesus and the Prophets to transform the world, and that same Spirit works through their followers to effect change.  In this session, you will journey through the pages of scriptures in order to learn and apply this methodology of seeing scripture through social and cultural influences.

Restoring Our Identity

In the days of past, the clarion call and mission of the black church was two-fold: it served as a beacon of hope for the lost-soul seeking grace and mercy, and it also served as an oasis for all issues affecting the community. The black church served as a voice in the wilderness, crying out that equality and justice belonged to all persons, despite race, social status, or experiences lived. It served as an institution committed to affecting change spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  During this session, you will journey through the historical pages of the black church while learning how to use what is learned to journey with us in our present, as we seek to restore our identity.

Worship & Justice

Is social justice apart of your worship experience?  Should it be a part of it?  If so, how and what can you do to incorporate it into your worship?  In times like these, we really need to explore ways in which our worship can be a source of justice.  During this class, we will explore the tenets of our worship in light of social justice.  We will journey through ages past and reflect on music and liturgy that not only celebrated God’s love and mercy, but also His justice, while at the same time exploring creative ways to address social concerns that speak to the current climate of today.  

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