Summer in the Psalms – Emotion: Fear - Sunday, August 15, 2021
on August 18th, 2021
Brothers and Sisters, as we sail through the sermon series, “Summer in the Psalms”, we find ourselves anchored in Psalm 23. Here, King David reflected on his relationship as a shepherd with his sheep. He realized that it was precisely the relationship God had with him, and thus states, “Yahweh-Rohi is my Shepherd; nothing will be missing.” Isn’t that comforting to know? That as sheep we are within...  Read More
Summer in the Psalms – Emotion: Happiness Sunday, August 1, 2021
on August 11th, 2021
The warmth of our worship experience was like sunshine on a cloudy day and was the perfect introduction to our new sermon series, “Summer in the Psalms”. We entered Psalm at One. The blessed life! Charles H. Spurgeon comments that, “Psalm 1 forms the text “upon which the whole of the Psalms make up a divine sermon”.”If each of us would be honest just for a moment, I believe we all would agree with...  Read More
Series Conclusion - Part VII - Better (THINKING), Because Normal Isn't Working 07.25.21
on July 28th, 2021
Finally, friend as we conclude the “BETTER, Because Normal Isn’t Working” series, I was thinking what BETTER way to end the series, then with an invite to sup (to eat slowly, by the spoonful) together. Sunday morning’s prayer, praise and worship was a wonderful sorbet experience, that cleansed the palate and stimulated the appetite for the main course…the good-to-you, good-for-you preached Holy Wo...  Read More
Part II of Better (THINKING), Because Normal Isn't Working
on July 21st, 2021
Friend, the tangible, transcending presence of The Lord Most High tapped us on our shoulder and held us close to remind us of His ever-loving, ever-lasting presence in the lives of each us…His people. A powerful word of BETTER met us where we were…on this path towards better. We may find ourselves in a bind, chained, struggling, and in distress…but BETTER THINKING is only a thought away!You’ve GO...  Read More
Better (THINKING), Because Normal Isn't Working
on July 13th, 2021
Friend, the palpable presence of the spirit of God was resonant in the worship and the word last Sunday morning.  You still have an opportunity to encounter…we made sure service was recorded with you in mind.Philippians 4:8-9, the foundational scripture of Sunday’s text in Part 5 of the “Better, When Normal Isn’t Working” series, Apostle Paul engages the Philippian church and the church of today t...  Read More
Better, Because Normal Isn't Working
on June 24th, 2021
Were you there?  Did you tune in?  You still have an opportunity to do so!  A word of BETTER was in the house.  It was overflowing from the pulpit, through each pew, and empowered each person, equipping them with the power of BETTER, because normal isn’t working. BETTER is in your reach!  The declarative word of God as represented in Ecclesiastes 7:8 (KJV) records “BETTER” is the end of a thing th...  Read More