Part II of Better (THINKING), Because Normal Isn't Working

Friend, the tangible, transcending presence of The Lord Most High tapped us on our shoulder and held us close to remind us of His ever-loving, ever-lasting presence in the lives of each us…His people. A powerful word of BETTER met us where we were…on this path towards better.  We may find ourselves in a bind, chained, struggling, and in distress…but BETTER THINKING is only a thought away!

You’ve GOT TO BELIEVE that GOD WILL! That He (GOD) is still healing, making ways, and supplying needs…no matter what we face we’ve GOT TO still see GOD in IT…How, you ask? FAITH! Faith in action is BETTER THINKING! Faith is the ability to see in the dark… like night vision goggles. Faith in the dark says, “He is working it out!”… “I am not going to look like what I’ve been through!”… “I am healed”…“I’ll be transformed…I’ll be better!” That’s BETTER THINKING!  Faith (BETTER THINKING) allows us to walk through the valley of darkness like we’ve already arrived to the mountain plateau of BETTER!

Arriving to BETTER is a process and there are still some ways of thinking that are detrimental to our progress and must be deconstructed, dismantled, and discarded. I’d like to bring your attention to three in, particular.  The Israelites on their road to better found themselves thinking and speaking catastrophizing thoughts. Catastrophizing thoughts have the innate ability to automatically think the worst.  After witnessing GOD miraculously protect, deliver, provide, and destroy their enemies, time and time, again they still murmured and complained about God and his servant-leader, Moses. They even had the audacity to ask, “did you bring us here to die?” After all that God had brought them from and through to bring them to BETTER, they resolved that God would kill them? What a polarizing thought? Polarizing thoughts only see things as either good or bad.  There is no middle ground. Their trip to the promised land could only be perfect or a total failure. In addition, the children of Israel minimized themselves in the sight of God. They were His chosen people.

Minimizing thoughts are the act of seeing yourself as less than your created self…whom God created you to be. Yes, we, too as God’s chosen people, walk around thinking less of ourselves and holding ourselves captive from being who God destined us to be. Thinking catastrophizing, polarizing, and minimizing thoughts only helps the enemies in our lives.
Yes, you made a mistake? Mistakes have benefits! Mistakes exists to empower us to become better than before. If you make a mistake…learn from it…move on from it. Mistakes are temporary stations. Don’t stay there… God said, “you are fearfully and wonderfully made”. You are not junk, but a prized possession…you are not a failure, but more than a conqueror, you are strong!  No matter who said otherwise…God said, you are somebody! In your pursuit to BETTER by THINKING BETTER, walk, act, live, love, and declare in faith, I am God’s somebody! Allow God to be your mastermind! Let God who created you be the One leading you to BETTER! Make sure God is the precursor of the precursor to every thought. You’ve got this!
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