St. John Missionary Baptist Church
A Chronological Profile Of
The Church History


Former and Current Pastors
Rev. Joseph E. Wells - 1908 - 1918
Rev. Albert E. Williams - 1918 - 1925
Rev. David S. Lucus - 1925 - 1928
Rev. William Porter - 1928 - 1945
Rev. James H. Harrington, Sr. - 1945 - 1958
VACANT - Deacons in Charge - 1958 - 1959
Rev. Dr. Randolph M. Lee - 1959 - 2001
VACANT - Deacons in Charge - 2001 - 2002
Rev. Lance Chaney - 2002 -2013
VACANT - Deacons in Charge - 2013 - 2014
Rev. Dr. Gilbert Campbell, Jr. - Interim Pastor - January 2014 - December 2015
Rev. Dr. Jovan T. Davis - December 31, 2015 - Present

September 6, 1908 was a glorious day. St. John Baptist Church officially became the second oldest African- American religious institution in the Greater Boynton Beach area. The records show that St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church has the distinction of being the first African- American House of Worship (1895).  St. John Church has a history of providing a solid worship experience, capturing Biblical principles as well as the foundation of the Missionary Baptist Doctrine. It is this foundation that has allowed St. John to reach a generation that has brought stability to the Church. Yet in every generation, God chooses to use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. God chooses to give vision that will shape the destiny of those who will run with it and bless the lives of those who are impacted by it. We know that God wants to use our Church family in this generation to do marvelous and phenomenal things both in the local Church and the world's community in general.

Sixty-three years (1845) after the Florida Territory was admitted to the Union as the twenty-seventh state, and twelve years (1920) before the Town of Boynton was incorporated, many people from Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and the Bahamas migrated to the area seeking better economic opportunities. Some of these newcomers were called a "Peculiar People" who showed special reverence to the cause of Jesus Christ. Even though they encountered many challenges, it was not unusual for them to assemble themselves together under "brush arbors" to worship and praise God. A concerned landowner donated a portion of his property to Sister Sarah Sims (referred to as Mother Sims), a devout Christian lady with the expressed purpose to build a worship center. Sister Sims accepted the offer and reached out for assistance from other parishioners---especially the Rev. James A. Butler, a man of God and successful businessman, to move the idea forward. Since they had a goal in mind, they utilized their strong faith in God and worked tirelessly toward that end. Finally, their labor was not considered to be in vain. The reward was astonishing. Their mission was accomplished on a positive note.

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Through the power of prayer, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the sharing and teaching of God’s word, we, the St. John Missionary Baptist Church are committed to building the Kingdom of God by empowering and equipping disciples who are reaching UP to God, reaching IN to the church and reaching OUT to the world.