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Jamila N. Z. Harley-Davis is life coach, corporate chaplain, encourager of parents and women, inspirational speaker, and most importantly a follower of Christ, wife, and mother.

Jamila is the loving wife of Pastor Jovan Davis and the First Lady of St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Boynton Beach FL. She is affectionately called “Lady J” by her congregation. She is an involved and loving mother to their daughter, Jordyn and twin boys, Jayden and Joshua.

Jamila holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising from Temple University and a Masters of Art in Professional Communications from La Salle University. She is a Certified Professional Coach from the prestigious Fowler and Wainwright, and a Corporate Chaplain for JBL Resources. Before becoming a coach and chaplain, Jamila worked as a Project Manager and in Corporate Communication departments for private and public companies.

In 2012, Jamila founded Passion Life Coaching. Her desire and prayer is that God will continue to use her to help women transition into a God-fulfilled and God-purposed lives. She has the gift of understanding the misunderstood, and the ability to look at the whole person to see how every aspect of their life is connected. This is part of her holistic approach to coaching, and life. Jamila’s favorite quote is, “How we do anything is how we do everything.”

Jamila began to collaborate with two of her sisters in Christ to form Set Apart Wives, which is a ministry dedicated to strengthening women and marriages biblically in 2015.

In 2016, Jamila began Jay Speaks and Intentional Parenting by Jay. Jay Speaks allows Jamila to speak to churches and businesses on various topics, and Intentional Parenting by Jay provides words of wisdom, humorous antidotes, and transparent testimony via vlogs, blogs, and small group studies on why it is necessary to be intentional in parenting.

Being a Corporate Chaplain for many years led Jamila to create Workplace Wisdom in 2017. Her years of experience in the public and private sectors, combined with her faith, showed her how biblically-based business principles lead to success. She is using that experience to help other companies maximize results.

Jamila faithfully serves in ministry alongside her husband, and works with him to minister to the needs of the congregation and community. She is the head of the Women’s Ministry at St. John’s, and enjoys teaching classes, coordinating events, and creating programs that further develop spiritual growth in women, girls, and parents.

Jamila also provides women with guidance on their personal brand, including hair, make-up, and fashion tips suitable for their stage in life. People are Jamila’s passion, and helping them reach their fullest potential through Christ is her life’s work.

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Through the power of prayer, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the sharing and teaching of God’s word, we, the St. John Missionary Baptist Church are committed to building the Kingdom of God by empowering and equipping disciples who are reaching UP to God, reaching IN to the church and reaching OUT to the world.